Strip District Store Hours

Strip District Store Hours

The most popular search phrase that brings people to our website and a fair number of our phone calls are from people asking what Strip District store hours are. The answer isn’t a simple one. The Strip is home to a large number of independent retailers who all set their own hours. It’s also home to many businesses that sell wholesale as well as retail. This means that many stores are conducting wholesale business while much of the city is still sleeping.

We don’t keep a master list of the hours because they are subject to change but as a general rule many stores are open by 9:00 am and everything in the Strip is open by 10:00 am even on weekends, of course there are retailers who don’t open on Sundays but there are fewer and fewer of them these days.

Our coffee shops and some grocery retailers open earlier, some as early as 6:30 or 7:00 am. The weekends are the most popular time for retail shopping and the hours on the weekend are often different from those during the week but we recommend planning to make a day of it if you’re coming to the Strip to shop and to start by getting here early and grabbing breakfast which you can do as early as 7:00 am.

Most shops are open until 4:00 or 4:30 pm with the exception of Sundays when shops may close a bit earlier. Of course during the holiday season some retailers choose to stay open a bit later. All of this is why we STRONGLY recommend calling or visiting the websites for the stores you’re planning to stop at or google their hours. You can find the phone numbers and web addresses to our member businesses in the business directory.

At Neighbors in the Strip we’re working on a comprehensive plan to make extended evening hours more attractive to more retailers. Follow us on Facebook and check back to our website regularly to find out more information.

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