Zoning Hearing Notice: Penn Ave Condo

Zoning Hearing Notice for Oct. 29th

A Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBA) hearing will take place on Oct. 29th at 9:20 am in the 1st Floor Conference Room in the City Municipal Building at 200 Ross Street. This hearing is for the 18 story (224 foot tall) condo proposed for the 2600 block of Penn Ave. The developer is seeking several special exceptions and variances for Height, Use, Floor Area Ratio, and Setback.

This building is drawing a lot of attention and Neighbors in the Strip wants our business owners and residents to be aware of this hearing so that they may testify if they feel it will impact their quality of life. Residents of Polish Hill and Lawrenceville have also expressed interested. They too are encouraged to testify if they feel it will have an impact on their quality of life. Anyone may testify at this hearing in favor or opposition to the building.

You can view the ZBA agenda here. The building in question is listed on page 3.

Strip District Zoning

Neighbors in the Strip is working on a new strategic action plan for the neighborhood and the organization. As part of that plan we will be asking stakeholders questions that will likely lead to us working to change zoning regulations for the neighborhood to better reflect the future that stakeholders want to see in the neighborhood and to better protect the businesses in the neighborhood that help make the Strip District such an amazing, dynamic, diverse, and unique place to live, work, and play.

As it stands now much of the Strip is zoned as Urban Industrial (UI) which is a designation applied decades ago. The UI zoning requires variances and/or special exceptions for parts of development plans that we’ve long supported and in some cases for things that large numbers of stakeholders oppose. It is our belief at Neighbors in the Strip that we must, as a community, decide what fits best into our neighborhood which almost certainly requires updating the zoning and replacing the outdated UI zoning. Better and updated zoning is a good thing for developers too as it helps them to understand what the community wants to see happen so they know when they propose a project that it will fit or that if it doesn’t they’ll face a community who oppose granting any exceptions. It also helps developers who might have a project in mind find the right place to put it. Community guided zoning regulations help everyone to work together and help neighborhoods to prosper for everyone. Keep watching the website for more information about the strategic action plan, zoning and city planning, and much more.

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