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Volunteer with Neighbors in the Strip

Neighbors in the Strip is always looking for great volunteers to staff our committees, help with events, help with neighborhood cleanups, and more. If you’re looking for a great organization to volunteer with Neighbors in the Strip would love to hear from you. When you volunteer with Neighbors in the Strip you will find yourself working alongside some truly wonderful people.

While we always are looking for talented people willing to spend some time helping our organization out the following are areas that we need help with most immediately:

  • Data Collection – Our neighborhood is rapidly changing and our inventory of businesses and properties is out-of-date. We’d love to have volunteers help us visit businesses and collect observable information (type of business, approx size of business, store hours, etc). Additionally we need to conduct a new inventory of intersections to inform the city about those which are most in need of repairs and upgrading.
  • Office Help – While we’re working on our plan to restaff our offices we’re looking for folks who can help field phone calls and emails as well as deliver maps.

If you’d like to get involved use the contact form below to let us know when you’re available and what you’re interested in volunteering for.