Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership in Neighbors in the Strip unlocks a number of valuable membership benefits. While we strive to make the entire Strip District a better, more prosperous, and more connected neighborhood while helping to preserve those things that make the Strip unique membership in Neighbors in the Strip provides the following benefit:

  • A voice in shaping the future direction of the neighborhood.
  • An advocate for the preservation of what makes the Strip the Strip.
  • A partner who knows the local, state, and federal government and will help you interface with them.
  • A partner who works with other community groups, special interest groups, and nonprofits who can help you work with these groups too.
  • A supporter who can provide letters of support on special projects.
  • A professional services partner who can offer assistance in areas such as media relations, marketing, safety and security, and much more.
  • Access to media professionals and other experts that can help your business grow.
  • A promotional vehicle that can draw attention to your business via the Neighbors website, business directory, guides we produce and update, maps, social media, and other partner publications.
  • Access to membership discounts from your fellow members in Neighbors in the Strip.
  • Access to information on grants and special programs.
  • Inclusion in our non-proprietary data collection network that houses valuable reports that will inform your business decision-making.
  • Access to committees that will address needs and challenges unique to your line of business (wholesale, retail, manufacturing).
  • And yes, a tax deduction as Neighbors in the Strip is a registered 501C-3.

Benefits of a Strong Neighborhood Community Group

While we encourage all businesses and residents in the Strip District to join our group we know that some businesses are not swayed by the benefits of membership alone. This is why we’ve created this list of the benefits of a strong neighborhood community group to help you understand the value of groups such as Neighbors in the Strip and to see why supporting groups such as ours both through financial contributions and through volunteering and offering human capital makes such a big difference.

Community Partner for Safety

A Strong neighborhood community group is a voice for the entire community and acts as a community partner for safety. Neighbors interacts with the our City Council office, the Mayor’s office and administration, City Public Works, and the Public Safety Departments including the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police as well as the District Attorney’s office for Allegheny County, the PA State Police, and other groups working to make our community safe. In 2015-16 we are working with these partners to create a comprehensive policy to address all liquor license applications in order to prevent nuisance bars from opening.

We help to address potholes, parking issues, transit issues, and other public safety issues that benefit all who own, rent, work, and visit the neighborhood. We coordinate our efforts with community partners and invest a great deal of time meeting with and acting on recommendations that have a real and visible impact on the community. Our track record is clear, we’ve helped shut down problem bars, reduce crime, and have helped change not only the perception of the Strip District but the actual level of safety.

Neighborhood Promotion

Neighborhood promotion is an essential part of what we do at Neighbors in the Strip. We work to promote our neighborhood and we have a great record when it comes to attracting local, regional, national, and international attention. The Strip District is a treasure and an attraction which is due to the great businesses and culture attractions within the neighborhood but it’s our role to make sure those attractions and businesses are getting attention and we’re committed to continuing that tradition. We’ll provide tours for reporters, writers, and journalists, we’ve built a media package that members of the media can use to tell our story, and we push our story out to influential publications that bring positive attention onto the neighborhood.

Economic Development Partner

Our members create a shared vision for the neighborhood and we help make that vision reality. Neighbors works to ensure that projects coming to the neighborhood meet that vision. Even if you’re not a member your business or residence benefits from us helping to ensure that new development will both fit with and into the existing fabric of the neighborhood and will add to the sense of place and uniqueness that the Strip District is known for.

In 2015-16 Neighbors in the Strip will be working on a new strategic action plan that will seek to find consensus about the physical development of the Strip and to balance the new development that is bringing new residents, new office workers, and more to the Strip with ensuring that we don’t see the things that make the neighborhood special driven out by rising costs.

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