Live in the Strip District

More and more people are choosing to live in the Strip District and there sure are a number of great reasons to do so, the neighborhood is walkable and unique in what you can find here, the Strip is close to downtown, Oakland, Lawrenceville, and the Northside. It’s an ideal location to live, work, and play in. Its home to some beautiful historic buildings, several that have been turned into lofts and living spaces, and it’s full of wonderful people waiting to call you neighbor.

There is an assortment of options when it comes to living in the Strip District from loft apartments and condos to row houses and townhomes. We even have a number of second-floor “shop keeper’s apartments” above the hustle and bustle of Penn Ave.


The Strip District is home to a number of lovely apartment buildings from historic buildings such as the Cork Factory Lofts to brand new buildings such as The Yards at 3 Crossings you can find a comprehensive list of rentals here on our website. The Strip District is home to some of the newest and most exciting residential buildings in the city of Pittsburgh and they’re all so close to the great amenities that can be found in the Strip as well as in nearby neighborhoods. Check out what’s available today and find out how easy it is to call the Strip District home.


The number of condos in the Strip District is also on the rise with several new buildings opening over the last few years and new buildings on the horizon. Visit our condos page for a complete list of buildings and check back if you want to own and are looking to buy a condo in the Strip. From 2000 until 2015 the value of properties in the city of Pittsburgh has grown steadily and in the Strip it’s grown rapidly as is expected to keep growing at a steady pace over the next decade. That makes this the perfect time to buy a condo in the Strip District.


The Strip District used to be home to a lot more houses but when projects such as Interstate 579 came through many homes were removed. While their numbers have diminished their charm has not and today there is a small but noteworthy collection of townhomes and rowhouses on Penn Ave in the middle and upper Strip District but these dwellings don’t come up for sale very often. If we hear of one you’ll find it listed here on our houses page.