Strip District Rental Properties

The Strip District is a growing residential area with many options to choose from. Strip District rental properties are some of the most popular and the most spectacular apartments, and lofts in the City. The following is a list of each of each multi-unit rental property in the Strip District.

31st Street Lofts

The 31st Street Lofts are located at 3080 Smallman Street adjacent to the 31st Street Bridge with views of downtown, the 31st Street Bridge, Lawrenceville, and Polish Hill. Housed in an 1871 schoolhouse that was built for the children of the factory and foundry workers and renovated into 14 luxury lofts with loads of amenities. The 31st Street Lofts are a perfect home for those working in Oakland, the East End, or Downtown which are all easily accessed from this incredible building. Visit their website or contact them today for a list of available units.

Brake House Lofts

One of the first multi-unit rental properties outfitted in the Strip District the Brake House Lofts call the former Kerotest Manufacturing building home and it’s a building with incredible history. It was used by Westinghouse as part of their early Air Brake manufacturing plant and was the onscreen home to Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) in the 1983 film Flashdance. Since 2002 it’s been a gorgeous 18 unit building just outside of the core of the Strip District situated on Liberty Ave with the Pittsburgh Opera as a neighbor and access to downtown, Lawrenceville, the East End, and of course the Strip District market district right outside the door. How many people get to say they live in a building with such history? Contact them today for a list of available units.

The Cork Factory Lofts

The Cork Factory Lofts are one of the largest apartment communities in the greater downtown area. With nearly 300 units and incredible amenities (swimming pool, hot tub, BBQ area, gym, and more) the Cork Factory Lofts are situated right on the river in the former Armstrong Cork Factory and Warehouse. These beautiful brick structures, their smoke-stack, and engine room provide incredible views of Downtown Pittsburgh, Troy Hill, The Allegheny River, The Strip District, Polish Hill, and more. The buildings themselves were originally designed for the Armstrong Cork Company by the celebrated architect Frederick John Osterling. The Cork Factory Lofts are ideally situated along the Allegheny River trail if you love urban living and lead an active lifestyle. Living next door to the river has its other privileges such as access to the River Limo which is the best way to go to a game on the Northshore. Contact them today for a list of available units.

Lot 24

Lot 24 in the Strip is a sister building to the Cork Factory Lofts. They share a parking garage and along with the Otto Milk Loft Condos and Brake House Lofts they form the fledgeling heart of the Strip District’s growing residential core. Lot 24 is located on 24th Street between Railroad Street and Smallman Street. This 96 Unit building was built only a few years ago but it fits into the landscape and feel of the Strip as if it were converted from an old industrial building like the Cork Factory. There are certainly benefits to a new building and Lot 24 offers an incredible array of amenities in it’s unassuming footprint, a pool, hot tub, fire pit, gym, and more all tuck snugly into this great property. Both Lot 24 and the Cork Factory Lofts share the 24th Street Parking garage making access to the interstate via the 10th Street bypass a snap. A few block walk from the retail core of the Strip and just a quick walk to either downtown or Lawrenceville Lot 24 is the place to be for those who love to bike to work. Contact them today for a list of available units.

Additional Rental Properties in the Strip

There are new buildings under construction and soon we’ll have loads of additional rental properties in the Strip. As they begin to become available for rent you’ll find them listed on this page.