Resources in the Strip District

At Neighbors in the Strip we recognize that we can’t provide everything that you need so we’ve developed this section of the website to help you find resources outside of our scope or that compliment what we at Neighbors do as well as a list of available resources in the Strip District for everything from family planning to cancer support. We’ve also compiled a list of government agencies and government representatives whose districts include the Strip. Finally we’ve added studies and surveys on and about the Strip District for those who are looking for data.


Find a complete list of government officials responsible for or having districts that include the Strip District as well as a list of government agencies that can provide assistance in a wide range of areas.

Social Services

This page features a list of agencies and nonprofits that provide social services and help to individuals, families, and businesses. The page also includes a list of social service organizations that call the Strip District home.

Studies and Surveys

Today the world runs on data and neighborhoods are no exception. The Strip District has been studied and/or is included in studies that touch on a wide range of topics from transportation and land use to public safety and economic development. Additionally Neighbors in the Strip conducts surveys to help get a better sense of the neighborhood’s needs. You can find all of this data and more on this page. If we didn’t conduct the study or don’t have a local copy every effort is made to provide a link to the information but from time to time those links may expire. If you find a link that doesn’t work please contact us to let us know.