Shop in the Strip District

Shoppers at Jimmy and Nino'sThe Strip is a destination neighborhood and people love to shop in the Strip District. There is something incredibly special about the Strip and shopping here for everything from groceries to gifts is always a fun and rewarding experience. From the Old World charm, the sights and smells, to the great buys, surprising finds, and interesting characters you meet there’s nothing like shopping in the Strip District.

At Neighbors in the Strip we feel it’s important to make sure you have a wonderful shopping experience and that you can quickly find the places you’re interested in shopping at. This is why we’ve created a directory of the great shops you’ll find in the Strip.

We try to stay on top of everything but the Strip is ever changing so if you know of a new place or somewhere that has changed please use the form below to let us know. If you’re a new business or even a street vendor please let us know when and where you’re opening/operating so we can share that information. You can do so via the form below as well. We do ask as a courtesy that vendors be members or at least consider a donation to Neighbors in the Strip to help us keep this directory going.


See a comprehensive list of stores selling grocery items including ethnic stores and markets and specialty grocers. The Strip District is Pittsburgh’s historic market district and has long been the hub that’s helped to feed not just the city but the entire region. Today that’s still true and you can find all sorts of grocery items in the Strip often at great discounts over your suburban chain grocers. Too there is a list of ever growing locally produced goods that are available at certain stores or even direct from the farmer at several Strip District locations.

Specialty Retail

While most think of the Strip as the place to go for food and food related items there are a number of wonderful specialty retailers selling everything from gifts to home furnishings and jewelry to housewares. Many of the specialty retail shops in the Strip carry merchandise that is either locally produced and/or is rare and hard-to-find. Check out this page for a complete list of specialty retail shops in the Strip District.

Clothing & Accessories

You’ll find more than just sportswear in the Strip though you’ll find a lot of that as well. Visit this page for a complete list of stores in the Strip that sell clothing and accessories where you’ll find everything from fine evening-wear to fun t-shirts as well as purses, shoes, and more.

Service Retail

The Strip District is a complete neighborhood with a great collection of service retailers providing everything from mobile phones to health insurance and of course banking. As the residential population in the Strip grows so does the service retail. Visit this page for an up-to-day list of service retailers in the Strip.

Submit a Listing

We’re currently working on the website and will have a listing submission form live very soon. Please check back but if you’re a new business or know of a new business that has opened or is opening please contact us to let us know.