Visiting The Strip District

Photo by Jeff Dugan and shared here under the Creative Commons License.

Photo by Jeff Dugan and shared here under the Creative Commons License.

Visiting the Strip District is a right of passage for both locals and visitors. The Strip District is a regional treasure that belongs to all Pittsburghers and that holds a special place in the heart of everyone who comes to our special neighborhood. Because this is a bustling and busy working city neighborhood, and while visiting the Strip District is always fun and enjoyable, it may be good idea to plan your trip in advance or at least know where you’re going to stay, park, shop, eat, and/or explore.

Getting To The Strip District

Getting to the Strip District by car, bus, bike, or on foot is simple. The Strip District is just east of Downtown Pittsburgh along a flat piece of land that runs between the south bank of the Allegheny River to the north, the steep hillsides of the Hill District and Polish Hill to the south and between 11th Street and 33rd Streets. When looking at a map the Strip sits between the river and the hills and between the two train trestles that cross the river at 11th and 33rd.

Driving Directions

If you’re visiting the Strip in your car be sure to check out our parking map to plan out where you want to park. You’re almost certainly going to be making a few trips between all of our wonderful shops and your car so planning accordingly is a great idea. We recommend using Google Maps for Driving Directions to the Strip District.

Strip District Bus Routes & Public Transit Options

Port Authority of Allegheny County manages several bus routes that come through the Strip District. You can use their website to find a route that will get you from where you are to the Strip. Additionally Pittsburgh Transportation Group offers taxi service to the Strip District and there are rideshare services as well as several ZipCars that are located in the Strip itself. All the ZipCars are large enough to fit a bicycle so riding to the Strip on your bike and getting your groceries or other packages home via ZipCar is a great way to visit the Strip District.

On Foot Or By Bike

A great way to visit the Strip District is on foot or by bike. Visitors from Downtown and the Northside to our west or the Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, or Polish Hill Neighborhoods to our east have long visited the Strip on foot or by bike and with the addition of walking trails and bike lanes these are a great means of getting to the Strip District.

Find out more about getting to the Strip District here

Parking in the Strip District

Please click here for a map and information about parking in the Strip District.

Explore The Strip District

The Strip District is an incredible place to explore. Old world markets have something for all the sense, amazing gift shops offer treasures for every taste, cultural amenities with incredible histories whisper their stories to you as you walk past, and the entire neighborhood is alive with both Pittsburgh’s incredible past and our amazing future. Walk the Strip and meet people from vastly different cultures who’ve all staked a claim and found a home in our wonderful neighborhood. Visit the shops opened by immigrants 100 years ago or just within the last few months. Find incredible gifts for all of your family in friends. The Strip is yours to explore.

Visit the Explore the Strip District page to plan a walking tour or just to learn more about our wonderful neighborhood.

Stay in the Strip District

The Strip District is home to two hotels. Hampton Inn & Suites and Homewood Suites (still under construction). There are several downtown hotels that are within a short walk of the Strip District and others looking to live like a local in the Strip District will find listings on websites such as Air B&B. Find out more about where to stay in the Strip District.