Explore the Strip District

From expertly guided tours to adventurous visits without an agenda there are so many great ways to explore the Strip District. The Strip District is a lively neighborhood full of trucks, pedestrians, cars, and bicycles. Shoppers dart from store to store while wholesalers packing orders and truck drivers unload their deliveries. The Strip is full of sights, sounds, smells, and textures and is a feast for all of your senses. From the Old World smells of cheese, olives, and dried meats to the bright and colorful fabrics, dresses, and even candies, the Strip District is so full of things to see and do that you can really only begin to see it all in one trip.

Visit the Strip District

We’re told all the time from folks who regularly visit the Strip District that they found a new favorite place or a shop they didn’t know existed. New visitors can be overwhelmed with choices which is why it’s handy to have a guide be it a friend who has been visiting the Strip for years or a tour guide who has studied the neighborhood and knows its secrets and special surprises.

We recommend using our shopping guide and restaurant guide or at least keeping our website handy on your smartphone.

shopping guide

Self Guided Tour

Neighbors in the Strip is currently revamping our website and our walking tour to reflect the growth of the Strip’s businesses. We hope to provide you with an online tool that will make putting together an itinerary easy. If you’d like to see this please consider making a donation to us via the button on the sidebar so we can make it happen sooner and thank you!

Guided Strip District Tours

Many people prefer to go on one of the many guided Strip District Tours that are offered through great companies such as Burgh Bits & Bites or a themed tour like those offered by Pittsburgh Tours and More that features stops in the Strip such as the PA Brew Tour. Look for a list of tours on either of their websites and come explore the Strip District.