Work in the Strip District

Neighbors in the Strip is committed to encouraging economic growth in the Strip District so we’ve dedicated this section of our website to information that can help people interested in finding out more about opening a business, finding high quality employees, or finding a great job.

We’re working with a great team of folks such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the City of Pittsburgh, the Small Business Administration, other partners in government and the business community, and with our business owners to make sure we’re helping connect great people with great information and great jobs.

This section of the website is still under construction though so if you’d like to contribute or see it completed sooner please contact us or make a donation to help us finish this section quickly.

Open A Business

Find all the resources you need to start your own business or to take your small business to the next level. Get information on where to turn for help with gap funding, low and no interest loans, permitting, and more. We’re here to help you open a business in the Strip District.

Find Employment

There are lots of jobs in the Strip District. Find out who is hiring and get links to agencies that offer employment help such as resume writing, job placement, Union apprenticeships, and more that can help you find employment.

List Openings

Are you looking for quality candidates to work for you in the Strip? List openings with us or find other resources to help you find employees here.