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This section of the website is still under construction. Please check back soon.

Open a Business in the Strip

If you’re looking to open a business in the Strip we’d love to hear from you. This section of the website is still under construction but will feature a list of the types of businesses that the neighborhood feels would compliment the Strip. Also featured here is a list of resources and agencies that can help you find a location, review your business plan, provide gap funding, and more.

Strip District Economic Information

If you’re search for Strip District economic information you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a list of studies and resources from Neighbors in the Strip and others interested in providing up-to-date accurate information on the economic conditions in the Strip.

Neighbors in the Strip Economic Studies

The last Neighbors in the Strip Economic Studies were commissioned in 2007. The economy in the Strip, the city, the region, and the country as a whole is vastly different today so the information is no longer correct. As an organization we’re in transition and working on a new strategic plan, business plan, and staffing plan with the goal of conducting an economic study/survey in the near future once those are complete. In the mean time we will post information as it become available from the vast network of community partners we have who share our interest in the economic vitality of our neighborhood.

In short we can tell you the trends are all moving in the right direction with population, median income, and homeownership all climbing while crime continues to decline. More detailed information will be provided as we can find or produce it.

URA Business District Profile

Once every year or two our friends at the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh produce a wonderful PDF for each of the city’s business districts.You can find the latest URA Business District profiles here. These profiles are a valuable tool and are generally updated each summer.

Southwest PA Community Profiles

The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Social and Urban Research provides data on neighborhoods throughout Southwest PA. You can find the Strip District community profile here. The profile features demographic, economic, public safety, and a host of other data.

Other Economic Studies and Information

As they become available we will post other economic studies and information here for new businesses or businesses looking to open in the Strip District. Additional information that affect but are not directly related to neighborhood economics (traffic studies, the riverfront plan, etc) can be found on the studies and surveys page.

Neighborhood Wishlist

Neighbors in the Strip is dedicated to the mission of making the Strip District a more well-rounded complete neighborhood which means finding businesses that meet needs that are currently not fulfilled within the neighborhood’s borders. The following is a neighborhood wishlist that includes the services and products that a members of the community have asked for or would like to see open in the neighborhood.

 New Business Resources

Pittsburgh is full of a wide variety of new business resources that can help you find success in opening or locating your business here. The following is a list of resources that have proven to be invaluable for new businesses for everything from licensing and permitting to gap funding, and advice.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration is a government created independent agency with the mission of helping Americans open and grow small businesses. They offer loans, educational and technical assistance, and more. You can find out about all of their programs at You can also get assistance in person at their local office in downtown. They’re located at 411 Seventh Avenue Suite 1450 and can be reached by phone at 412-395-6560.

Neighbors in the Strip has worked with the Small Business Administration to offer workshops to our members in the past and we encourage you to join Neighbors in the Strip to find out about future workshops.

Urban Redevelopment Authority

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh is the city’s economic development agency. The URA offers a variety of loans as well as technical assistance to small businesses. They have programs that can help a small business owner once they’ve opened to repair their building’s facade, improve their building’s efficiency, and more. Neighbors in the Strip partners with the URA to offer workshops and in-neighborhood office hours when possible.

The URA often asks for community support when they provide financial assistance. Neighbors in the Strip is happy to meet with you and discuss your business plan as well as to set up a time at a board meeting or a monthly public meeting in which you can present information about your business to neighborhood stakeholders in order to gather community support.

City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment

Mayor Peduto created the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment in part to help city neighborhoods and those living in and conducting businesses in them to have easier access to city services. Henry Pyatt is the Small Business and Redevelopment Manager and he can be reached at 412-255-2945.

University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center

The University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center works with businesses of all sizes in all stages. They offer workshops for entrepreneurs, consulting on information technology improvement, and general consulting from experts in a wide range of industries.

Chatham University Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship

Chatham University Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship creates economic opportunities for women through entrepreneurial education and training, mentoring, and networking.

Small Business Financial Resources

Finding small business financial resources outside of a traditional bank or lending institution is often critical. The following is a table of organizations that offer financial assistance along with the types of financing they offer and how to get in touch with them.

OrganizationType of FundingOther AssistanceWebsite
URAgap fundingspecial program funding
Kiva Zip no interest loan
SBAloan guarantor
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Developmentgrantsloans
US Federal Gov.grants
Bridgeway Capitalloans