Sidewalk Vending in the Strip

Sidewalk Vending in the Strip

Neighbors in the Strip knows that sidewalk vending in the Strip is one of those things that makes visiting the Strip so special. Our sidewalk vendors are ambassadors and guides providing smiles and often directions to visitors. Our lively sidewalks create a festive atmosphere and make the shopping experience more interactive.

Looking to Vend in the Strip

We often get calls from folks looking to vend in the Strip. If you’re interested in vending you should find the following information useful. Also please know that while the City of Pittsburgh requires vending licenses elsewhere they don’t enforce, and in fact don’t provide licenses for Strip District vendors as the vending in the Strip predates the City’s vending license ordinance and they’ve not found a way to judiciously apply it retroactively in a way that would not disrupt the vending in the Strip.

ADA Requirements

Neighbors in the Strip asks that all vendors follow ADA Guidelines for the safety of visitors, ease of egress, and to protect the future of vending in the Strip. By effectively policing ourselves we remove the need for outside interference. Here is a PDF of the City of Pittsburgh Business District ADA Guidelines.

We ask that all vendors comply with the ADA Guidelines as well as following these “good neighbor” tips that will ensure the long-term success of Strip District sidewalk vending:

  1. Vend away from the curb so that drivers and passengers can exit and enter their cars close to the curb and the flow of pedestrians can occur uninterrupted
  2. Obey the traffic and parking laws:
    1. Do not park in loading zones for more than the allotted loading time
    2. Never park in the no-parking zones especially those just before or after intersections
  3. Keep pedestrian obstruction to a minimum:
    1. Tables should be as close to the building as possible allowing at least 42 inches between the curb (or curbside obstructions) and the table.
    2. Near intersections tables should allow 60 inches from the curb for visitors in wheelchairs and with strollers to navigate the turn and safely cross the intersection
    3. Tent or other structure posts should not interfere with pedestrian flow or spill into the street.
    4. Where possible please refrain from using tents
    5. Overhead hanging merchandise or tent heights should not interfere with the line of sight for a pedestrian of average height
  4. Please be courteous, you’re a representative of not only your business but also the Strip District and the City of Pittsburgh to the many out-of-town visitors that you’ll likely encounter.

The future of vending in the Strip is largely dependent on following the above ADA guidelines and our good neighbor tips. One serious injury, accident, or one lawsuit that results from not following these guidelines could have a serious impact on vending in the Strip or could shut it down completely. Neighbors in the Strip does not wish to see that so please be a good neighbor and follow the ADA guidelines.